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Promoting Holidays as Personal Time

Promoting Holidays as Personal Time

Promoting Holidays as Personal Time

What better time to show your employees that you understand the importance of work-life balance than a reminder to take a break from work on this upcoming Family Day holiday.

While you might not be responsible to provide work life balance as an employer, it is beneficial to both your employees and your organization as a whole to help promote it. Employees who feel they have a healthy balance perform better and show increased productivity. Plus, in your workplace it can help improve retention, decrease employee burnout, improve employee health, and reduce absenteeism. Human Resources support can help employees achieve that ever-elusive work-life balance.

Beyond promoting the holidays as time to be spent with family and friends, there are several ways to encourage a healthy work life balance for your employees:

Offer certain types of benefits to your employees such as access to physical activities. Many organizations now have onsite gym facilities or even provide employees with a membership discount at a local gym. This can help reduce stress and promote overall employee health and well being.

Provide childcare services as many households now have both parents working full-time. Studies have shown that family friendly work environments are a benefit to both employers and employees. Employers can provide onsite childcare or even provide childcare service discounts to alleviate the stress of caring for children during the work week.

Host company outings to help boost employee morale and help workers get to know each other in non-stressful settings. This could be done as a paid company lunch or dinner or setting aside company time to socialize.

Some additional ways Human Resources can promote balance in the workplace include:

  • Provide places in the workplace to allow employees to take a mental break
  • Have flexible work arrangement policies in place that can give employees the option to work from home at certain times
  • Engage in team building exercises to allow employees to bond with each other
  • Encourage employees to use their vacation
  • Encourage short breaks throughout the day
  • Provide information about work-life balance to employees
  • Provide employees with opportunities to get involved in important community causes

Employees are an organizations’ most important asset and work-life balance is an increasingly important issue for them. MaxPeople is here to help so don’t hesitate to reach out if you would like support in this area.

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