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We strive not only to help our clients, but to share the insights gained from our experiences. Check out what our HR & Employment Law experts have to share about common topics below:
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Mental Health in the Workplace

To help you ensure the health and safety of your staff, we have a created a webpage with free resources that you and your team can utilize.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

MaxPeople and Rodney Employment Law are committed to diversity, equity and inclusion within our organization as well as with our clients and their businesses. We are here to provide you with resources to support education, ongoing dialogue and action within your workplace.

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Your talent is the key to the success of your organization. Read our blogs and download our hiring checklist for best practices.

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Employee Relations

One of the biggest predictors of success for organizations is employee engagement. Read our blogs and download our sample policy for more information.

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Workplace Health & Safety

Employers are responsible for workplace health & safety compliance. Read our blogs and download our employer guide & checklist for more information.

Law and Marijuana
Cannabis In The Workplace

With cannabis now legal in Canada, employers need to be aware of their responsibilities and ensure their policies are up-to-date. Read our blogs, watch our video and download our employer guide for more information.

MaxPeople is here to support you with all your HR and Employment Law needs.

If you have questions about any of the topics above or other HR issues you’re facing, just click the button below to get in touch!

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