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MyMaxRewards Referral Program

MyMaxRewards Referral Program


It means a lot to us that much of our business comes from direct referrals and so in return we want to share MyMaxRewards with you! This new program will provide flexibility and great reward options for both you and your organization.

When deciding who to partner and work with, everyone loves a personal recommendation from someone they trust. We at MaxPeople are hoping you’ll continue to refer us when your contacts are looking for HR, Training, Recruitment or Employment Law support.

When you send us a referral, you’ll earn MyMaxDollars which you can apply towards any MaxPeople Services or redeem for MaxPeople Gifts..

For more information on this referral program,contact us at [email protected] | 1.888.709.1236 or complete our contact form here.

Referral Gifts:

  • Each confirmed referral of $5000 or under earns you $100 worth of MyMaxDollars
  • Each confirmed referral of more than $5000 earns you $300 worth of MyMaxDollars
  • Every 3 confirmed referrals earns you an extra $100 worth of MyMaxDollars
  • Every lead you send us earns you $10 worth of MyMaxDollars

*You can redeem your MyMaxDollars when you’ve earned a minimum of $100.

You can redeem your MyMaxDollars as a credit toward the cost of our services or for any of the gifts noted below. You can also redeem for a combination of both!

MaxPeople Services:

  • HRessentials Services
  • TRAININGessentials Services
  • HIRINGessentials Services

MaxPeople Gifts:

  • Gift Card for a Retail Store (Apple, Amazon, Staples, LCBO)
  • Gift Card for a Restaurant or Cafe (The Keg, Milestone, Starbucks, Tim Hortons)
  • Donation to your charity of choice

Give us a call at 1.888.709.1236 ext. 101 or complete the form below to submit a referral and start earning MyMaxRewards!

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