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Anticipating 2023: The Future of Work

Anticipating 2023: The Future of Work

Anticipating 2023: The Future of Work

By: Breanna Brown, HR Advisor, MaxPeople | National Payroll Institute’s Dialogue Magazine

The workplace has changed in fundamental ways as organizations have navigated the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic over the past few years. In 2023, we anticipate further changes to workplace dynamics as companies strive to remain competitive in unstable economic times.

The Evolution of Remote Work Arrangements

In recent years, many of us said “so long” to the physical workplace. Remote and hybrid work arrangements became the norm and led to a refreshed perspective on “where” work takes place. In 2023, organizations that have committed to working remotely will need to focus on refining processes and procedures under this model to increase productivity and efficiency. +Here are some ways to achieve these goals:

Get policies and practices right:

  • Create policies that outline the temporary remote work arrangement, noting this is subject to review and change as business needs evolve. Review and
    update these policies on a regular basis to align with changes in industry and market standards.
  • Evaluate and invest in technology such as communication, collaboration and capacity management software as well as other resources (e.g., equipment, internet connection, etc.) to support productivity while working remotely.
  • Develop standards for how employees are expected to behave in a virtual workplace, including virtual meetings and off-duty conduct.

Keep culture and engagement at the forefront:

  • Host virtual or in-person social events that promote team bonding and engagement, and nurture your workplace culture.
  • Stay abreast of workplace culture and employee morale by conducting frequent “pulse checks,” including annual employee engagement surveys, and one-on-one check-ins between managers and their direct reports

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