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A Match Made in Seven: Essential Tips for Overcoming Recruitment Challenges

A Match Made in Seven: Essential Tips for Overcoming Recruitment Challenges

A Match Made in Seven: Essential Tips for Overcoming Recruitment Challenges

With Valentine’s Day approaching, the topic of relationships is certainly on many of our minds. Through the experience of dating, we’ve all developed some incredible insights and learned some valuable lessons — many of which can be applied to recruitment activities as well.

With over 20 years’ experience in recruitment, we’re here to dish out our hottest tips to ensure you’re maximizing your hiring efforts during this month of love — and beyond.

Tip #1: Job Descriptions
Identify the hiring need, because you can’t get what you want unless you know what you’re looking for…

Much like an online dating profile, a clear job description sets your standards and expectations for attracting the right candidate to fulfill your needs. Be clear and concise in terms of the type of person you are looking for (identify skills, cultural fit, overall potential, purpose, qualifications, etc.) — and don’t settle for less.

Tip #2: Sourcing the Right Talent
Directly reach out to and create talent communities that best serve you.

Much like dating, posting your profile and waiting for the right person to respond (post and pray approach) generally won’t result in attracting the best person. You need to be equally creative and tap into communities you’ve never explored before — and the same is true with recruitment.

By using a recruitment partner, you’re able to tap into passive candidates through their extended network and create strategies to build your own talent pools.

Tip #3: Employer Brand
Ask yourself: how attractive are your reviews?

The best way to attract talent is to exemplify the qualities you’re seeking! Much like dating, candidates are going on multiple “dates” with recruiters and prospective employers by way of job interviews, which is why you need to put your best foot forward. Differentiate your organization in a way that will attract people, and leverage social media to showcase why people should take notice. Highlight your existing employees and their passion for your brand, and incite engagement by appointing ambassadors and social media influencers to create buzz around what makes your company appealing.

Tip #4: Employee Value Proposition (EVP)
Consider what YOU have to offer the relationship.

Your EVP is authentically yours. It’s what your company can offer employees and should contextualize its culture, vision, values, and purpose — and bring meaning to it all. There will always be companies that offer higher salaries or better benefits, but by defining what other aspects make your company unique (growth opportunities? flex hours? etc.) you can distill — and then advertise — a clear and compelling reason for why candidates should choose you.

Tip #5: Selection & Assessment
Remember that for long-term connection, values matter.

If you’re in the market for a long-term relationship, values and cultural fit are crucial for ensuring compatibility. Both a great date and interview entails asking incisive, thought-provoking questions — and listening genuinely to the answers. Questions about motivations, skills, strengths, and long-term aspirations, and even a quick glance at a candidate’s social footprint, can all reveal a candidate’s values and allow you the opportunity to assess if you’re a good match.

Tip #6: Onboarding
Make sparks fly during The Honeymoon phase.

In order to efficiently navigate onboarding, accelerate learning, and have a new candidate start building a meaningful connection with your brand, culture, and people, make sure that you create a robust onboarding program. Much like the first few months of dating, it should be high-touch — new candidates should be feeling the love and building a connection like no other. Your employee should understand your company’s founding purpose, values, customer stories, and operating norms from the very first day. Done right, onboarding will set the tone for your company’s culture and help retain your best talent.

Tip #7: The Candidate Experience
Understand that your reputation precedes you.

Prospective employees are being more selective than ever, which is why you need to step up your hiring processes now. From interview to offer to onboarding, there are a variety of touchpoints in which you can leave a lasting impression on candidates — who in turn, are sharing their impression of you with others. So if you’re ghosting candidates by not updating them on the status of their application, or love bombing them with promises you can’t keep: quit it, before your candidate pool  quits you.

Above all, remember that a bad hire can be expensive and painful. Like cupid, MaxPeople can ensure you’re able to find your perfect match — simply reach out for a free consultation to learn how we can support you with your recruitment efforts.

This blog was written by Estrella Frias, Talent Acquisition Leader. For more information about talent acquisition, email [email protected] or call 1.888.709.1236.

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