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Truth And Reconciliation Day

Truth And Reconciliation Day

The National Day for Truth & Reconciliation is observed annually on September 30th. The day was established in 2021 to provide an opportunity to learn and reflect on the impact of residential schools in Canada. The Government of Canada enacted this day as part of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s Calls to Action which can be viewed on the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation’s website.

What Will be Closed

Truth and Reconciliation Day is a statutory holiday for federally regulated employers, including: Indigenous administrations, banks, public schools, universities, government, etc.

Currently, Nova Scotia, the Northwest Territories, and Prince Edward Island are recognizing the day for all provincially regulated employees, and in Manitoba for government and public-sector employees.

Across Canada, some private and non-profit organizations are also choosing to recognize Truth & Reconciliation Day as a holiday and will be closed, and many unions are working to have the day observed as well. Additionally, some organizations are allowing employees to exchange other statutory holidays for Truth & Reconciliation Day. If your organization is observing the day, we encourage you to send out a notification ahead of time to your clients.

How Employers Can Acknowledge and Support Truth & Reconciliation Day

Whether or not your organization is closing for September 30th, there are several ways that you can both acknowledge this day and encourage your employees to do so, these include:

  • Beginning the day with honouring those who have been and continue to be impacted by the residential school system
  • Reflecting on/committing to addressing diversity, equity, and inclusion within your workplace
  • Wearing orange – encouraging and/or providing Indigenous-made orange shirts for your team
  • Taking part in and/or promoting community events occurring on September 30th
  • Supporting education about Indigenous history and providing time for your teams to do so while at work. Visit the Canada School of Public Service website for a list of educational resources you can share with your employees: https://www.csps-efpc.gc.ca/ils-eng.aspx

We encourage you and your teams to acknowledge the National Day for Truth & Reconciliation in a way that aligns with your organizational values and culture.

If you have any questions about Truth and Reconciliation Day, please contact us directly.at [email protected] or complete our contact form here.

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