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Tips for Staying Safe During Company Holiday Parties

Tips for Staying Safe During Company Holiday Parties

Tips for Staying Safe During Company Holiday Parties

staying safe during company holiday parties

How to Stay Safe During Company Holiday Parties

The festive season is fast approaching and we encourage employers to plan social activities and events to increase employee morale and keep the festive spirit alive. However, we recommend that employers use the below tips to help protect the health and safety of all employees/staff members during any Company hosted winter holiday parties/events.

3 Tips For Safe Holiday Events:

  1. Opt for Virtual Events instead of in-person: consider your team dynamics and vaccination stance, and consider opting for a virtual event instead of an in-person event that is inclusive of all employees/staff members regardless of vaccination status.
  2. Minimize capacity of in-person events: consider hosting smaller department or team specific events, or reduce capacity of any in-person event by eliminating plus one invites usually provided to significant others, family members, or outside stakeholders.
  3. Socialize in-person responsibly and follow all Public Health recommendations:  when hosting in-person events ensure that all attendees follow Public Health recommendations (e.g., physical distancing by 6 metres (2 feet), masking, and proper hand hygiene, etc. ) and any additional Company specific health and safety measures/protocols (e.g., rapid-testing, etc.).

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