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COVID-19 Response Measures Act

Introducing the COVID-19 Response Measures Act The COVID-19 Response Measures Act received Royal Assent on October 2, 2020, providing for several welcome forms of income relief for individuals impacted by COVID-19. Both employers and employees should be aware of these new changes, which are available to individuals ineligible for Employment Insurance (EI) who have had […]

COVID-19 Screening is Mandatory for All Ontario Workplaces

On Friday September 25, 2020, the Ontario Government released an amendment to Ontario Regulation 364/20, the “Rules for Areas in Stage 3” under the Reopening Act, 2020. This amendment requires that all employers must screen employees and essential visitors prior to entry into their workplaces. Employers may utilize the below Screening Tool for Workplaces (Businesses and Organizations) http://www.health.gov.on.ca/en/pro/programs/publichealth/coronavirus/docs/workplace_screening_tool_guidance.pdf  Screening should […]

Employment Standards Act Regulation

Employment Standards Act Amendment – June 2, 2020 Reg. 228/20, Infectious Disease Emergency Leave On May 29, 2020, the Ontario Government passed a Regulation under the Ontario Employment Standards Act, 2000 (the “ESA”) which confirms that, among other things, temporary reductions and/or changes in hours/wages due to COVID-19, or temporary layoffs due to COVID-19 that […]

Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS)

What is the CEWS? The CEWS is a massive $73 billion wage subsidy program that will be administered by the Canada Revenue Agency (“CRA”), in an effort to allow eligible employers to keep their employees on the payroll (i.e. to prevent interruptions to their employment status) Who is eligible for the CEWS? Eligible employers may […]

COVID-19 Canada Emergency Response Benefit

MaxPeople has summarized the COVID-19 Canada Emergency Response Benefit to help you answer the following questions: What is it? Bill C-13, COVID-19 Emergency Response Act, introduces the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (the “CERB”). The CERB gives working people who cease working and stop receiving income because of COVID-19 disruptions for at least fourteen (14) days […]

COVID-19 Non-Essential Services

COVID-19 Non-Essential Services – What you need to know It is important to note that many businesses are still able to remain open and the scope of industries is fairly wide which allows for a majority of companies to continue operating. A high-level summary of industries deemed as ‘essential workplaces’ are as follows: Construction: The […]

FAQ: COVID-19 in the Workplace

FAQ: COVID-19 in the Workplace

UPDATED MAY 2020 TABLE OF CONTENTS Managing COVID-19 in the Workplace and Remote Work Options Self-Isolation or Quarantine Hiring Temporary Layoffs Terminations Financial Assistance for Employers Financial Assistance for Employees – Employment Insurance, Canada Emergency Response Benefit and Record of Employment Managing COVID-19 in the Workplace and Remote Work Options How do I know if […]

Coronavirus – What You Need To Know

Coronavirus – What You Need To Know

While Public Health Ontario has confirmed that the risk of contracting Coronavirus remains low within the province, it is important that employers are prepared. Currently in Canada, the coronavirus has only been acquired as a result of travel to affected areas in China. Travelers returning from China are screened at Canadian airports and individuals that are not […]

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