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Leadership Fundamentals: Leveraging DiSC® to Make an Impact

Leadership Fundamentals: Leveraging DiSC® to Make an ImpactLeadership FundamentalsLeadership training is critical for any management role, but it’s especially important now more than ever. The pandemic has created many obstacles for leaders at all levels, across all industries. Enroll your team in this 5-part series to help them refine and develop their leadership skills to enable them to run their team more successfully during times of change and beyond.

This program is ideal for up-and-coming, new or existing people leaders who are looking to increase their personal effectiveness as a leader by improving on their communication, time management, delegation and coaching skills. The utilization of DiSC® assessments throughout this program will allow participants to leverage their unique DiSC® type strengths, and adjust their approach to align with the preferences of their people; ultimately helping them become a better leader.

What Is Included:

  • 5 interactive virtual sessions (90 minutes each)
  • Each session will include activities, group discussions, polling questions and Q&A’s
  • Participants will be given time to create an action plan at the end of each session
  • Facilitators will be readily available to guide participants on their journey to great leadership inside and outside of the classroom
  • A DiSC® personality assessment for each participant
  • certificate for completing the 5-part series

This program is available for bookings for your in-house team. Give us a call at 1-888-709-1236 or fill out the contact form below to learn more.

*This program has previously been approved for the Canada-Ontario Job Grant, contact us for assistance with your application.



Through self exploration and feedback from others, participants will identify their strengths and potential development areas, which in turn will allow them to better focus on the skills necessary for effectiveness as a leader. The process of identifying your preferred style will raise self-awareness and assist people to recognize, appreciate and utilize the strengths of others who they work with, as well as encourage them to grow as leaders.

How You Will Benefit:

  • Identify core leadership behaviours to leverage your success as a leader
  • Learn about self awareness and personality styles

What You Will Learn:

  • Begin by understanding the various DiSC® styles and how your preferred style shapes your leadership style
  • Explore what makes a great leader and where mediocre leaders “miss the mark”
  • Explore how to align your leadership to the organizational needs and values
  • Learn how to live leadership behaviours and develop strong followership


This session will provide an understanding of effective time management strategies and how to integrate them into their everyday work environments. We are all given the same 24 hours each day. The question is: “Are you managing those hours effectively?” Participants will gain control of their time and their life, as well as manage their stress and energy levels. Delegation is one of the most important skills that your team can develop. Learn to know which tasks to delegate, who to delegate too, how to communicate the expected results and ensure the conditions for delegation are in place thereby, boosting the productivity of teams.

How You Will Benefit:

  • Develop powerful tools to help manage top priorities and effectively delegate
  • Develop skills to save you time while reducing your stress levels

What You Will Learn:

  • How to identify and focus on your critical versus urgent priorities to ensure you have time for the right activities
  • Overcoming obstacles to effective daily time management
  • Selecting the appropriate delegation approach and following the necessary steps
  • Understand how our DiSC® shapes the way we perceive time/tasks and our preferences for delegation


Ensuring your employees are engaged and motivated is essential during the best of times, but even more so during times of uncertainty and change. An employee can quickly transition through the engagement spectrum from engaged to disengaged which greatly impacts productivity and ultimately, your bottom-line. This session will help people leaders discover the importance of keeping a pulse on happiness levels and provide practical tips on how to build employee engagement levels while motivating them to achieve their goals.

How you will benefit:

  • Be better equipped to engage and motivate your staff, thereby procuring more productive and happy employees who are willing to go the extra mile to achieve the organizational goals

What You Will Learn:

  • Understand the importance of keeping a pulse on your people through engagement surveys and check-ins
  • Common reasons employees become disengaged and unmotivated
  • Take time to discover the unique motivators based on DiSC® type
  • How to develop a sense of purpose through shared goals and a sense of belonging
  • Understand the importance of setting your team up for success regardless of where they are working


This session focuses on building coaching skills by providing the foundation for identifying, discussing and creating an action plan to close performance gaps and achieve developmental goals which impact the overall success of the department and company. Ultimately seeing that competence is developed, commitment is gained, and talented individuals stay within the organization. A good coach will provide whatever it takes –goals, direction, training, support, feedback, and recognition – to develop employees’ skills and confidence to excel. The result of effective coaching is an organization where people feel more empowered, engaged and open to new challenges.

How You Will Benefit:

  • Better able to coach employees to excel in their roles thereby reducing the amount of time spent on managing employees

What You Will Learn:

  • How to identify challenges in an employee’s performance and how to coach them to close their performance gaps
  • To see the critical role a leader plays throughout the performance management and coaching process
  • Learn to flex your approach based on the unique preferences of the coachee’s DiSC® style and the Skill/Will model
  • To monitor the progress of your employees and ensure ongoing feedback and coaching support


Difficult conversations are those we often procrastinate having. However, when these necessary conversations are ignored or mishandled, they often lead unproductive behaviours and attitudes. How well we handle these “critical conversations” depends on how skilled we are at structuring the discussion, rectifying conflict and managing difficult people. This session will arm participants with the tools required to effectively navigate difficult conversations and constructive feedback.

How You Will Benefit:

  • Understand the benefits for both you and others in having difficult conversations
  • Identify the challenges encountered when dealing with difficult conversations
  • Develop strategies to effectively identify, prepare for, engage in and respond to difficult conversations

What You Will Learn:

  • How to leverage communication styles to have candid discussions on sensitive issues
  • Learn how to recognize the “warning signs” of a difficult conversation that is about to derail
  • Identify the different types of difficult people and how to deal with them when issues arise
  • Understand the difference between a difficult person and different DiSC® personalities
  • Practice flexing your style/approach in difficult conversations with various DiSC® styles


Check out what some of our clients have to say about working with the MaxPeople team:

We have had a working relationship with MaxPeople for years, and have had success with their training programs in the past. We’ve recently had a large group of new hires into manager roles, and so chose to partner with MaxPeople to provide training on a number of topics regarding management of those people. The material covered was very thorough, the trainer engaged our group well in the sessions, even in this new virtual environment. We were left with worksheets and slide decks for the participants, and were referencing that material every couple of months to remind our staff about what they learned, ensuring the tools are used in their daily roles. The group from MaxPeople were great to work with, very thorough and professional in planning, organizing, and supporting our group through the training. The Zoom sessions were professionally run, with support in the moment if we ran into technical issues, or questions people had navigating the technology. The breakout rooms were also great for allowing more candid conversation. MaxPeople is a professional training service that provides a lot of great value.

~ The Targeted Strategies Group

We have developed a great professional relationship with MaxPeople. They contribute on the delivery of our webinars and education sessions at our annual National Conference and Trade Show.  Their topics resonate well with Human Resources and Payroll Professional members at the Canadian Payroll Association and we continue to use them year over year.  Their average speaker scores are 4.6 out of 5 and their speakers are extremely knowledgeable, dynamic and very engaging     

~ Canadian Payroll Association 

MaxPeople has brought tremendous value to myself and my leadership team, from group support to interval coaching, to external resources. The company has provided highly strategic insight, full and actionable recommendations that enabled my leadership team to make immediate improvements in their leadership roles. Their facilitators are a pleasure to work with, and dynamic and engaging public speakers. I highly recommend MaxPeople to help drive your workforce to new heights. They have tremendously helped our organization to grow, and we continue to use their services as needed. When I need strategic human resources advice, and consultation including leadership professional development, MaxPeople is the first that comes to mind to give a call.

~ Angus Glen Golf Club

Julie and MaxPeople have been instrumental in supporting our organization as we invest in developing and growing our leadership team. MaxPeople is able to pinpoint the most impactful modules for the audience and create content that is unique, meaningful and thought-provoking. The delivery is engaging and participative, and I’ve received nothing but raving feedback from all participants about the program. We are looking forward to rolling out similar programs for up and coming groups in our organization.

~ Coreio

I found the MaxPeople’s session on Communicating Effectively quite beneficial. The reasons why we often times I find it difficult to hold staff accountable, to engage them and make them feel like their roles here are more than just sitting here answering the phones. This session gave me the tools and insight on how to handle these situations. As a young manager I felt I needed something to give me the confidence to ensure everyone is doing what is required of them, but I needed to find a way to go about it properly, and Julie really gave me the procedures on how to do that. I felt like everyone in the session really learned something from listening skills, handling difficult conversations, managing time effectively, and becoming a leader. Julie was a great presenter and kept everyone engaged, she was great at keeping our team on track and keeping the session flowing. 

~ The Badminton and Racquet Club of Toronto


If you require additional information, reach out to us at 1.888.709.1236 or fill out the form and we will get back to you.
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