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Webinar: Workplace Mental Health Matters

Webinar: Workplace Mental Health Matters


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Organizations that have not implemented the National Standard on Psychological Health and Safety have higher absenteeism. According to the Centre for Mental Health in the Workplace, employees in these organizations who have experienced depression miss 5.1 days more than employees who work at an organization with the Standard in place.

Through this webinar, participants will learn how to effectively manage mental health in the workplace and acquire the strategies to help create an inclusive environment that can reduce stigmas. Additionally, accommodation and return-to-work initiatives will be examined to ensure employers are equipped to manage mental health challenges in the workplace.

What We Will Cover:

  • Definition of mental health
  • The different facets of supporting mental health in the workplace
  • How to measure your organization’s support of psychological health and safety
  • The prevalence and cost of employee mental health
  • The “National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace”
  • The employer’s duties in the accommodation of a mental health disability
  • Return to work planning and implementation