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Missing In Action: Effectively Managing Absenteeism

Missing In Action: Effectively Managing Absenteeism

Missing In Action: Effectively Managing Absenteeism

Missing In Action: Effectively Managing Absenteeism

About the Webinar:

According to Statistics Canada, the average absenteeism rate in 2018 was 10 days per employee. Workplace absenteeism is becoming a major concern for many organizations today as it greatly impacts an organization’s finances, morale and success. The key to managing this issue is to find a balance between what is right and fair to the employee while meeting the needs of the business.

Through this webinar, participants will learn about the contributing factors, and how to track and monitor absenteeism levels before they become problematic. Participants will also learn about their legal obligations and the importance of having strong policies in place.

Topics We Will Cover:

  • The factors that contribute to absenteeism
  • How to track and monitor absenteeism
  • How to effectively discuss problematic absenteeism
  • How to reduce absenteeism through employee engagement and recognition
  • Legal requirements:
    • Duty to Inquire
    • Duty to Accommodate
    • The importance of strong absenteeism policies


Jordan RodneyPresident of MaxPeople and Founder of Rodney Employment Law

Jordan is the President of MaxPeople and Founder of Rodney Employment Law. A lawyer who brings a unique HR perspective to every issue and case he takes on, Jordan’s true passion has, and always will be helping people. A risk-taker at heart, he left the corporate world nearly 11 years ago to team up with his wife to provide in-house employment law services as part of the MaxPeople service offering…Read More

Ilana SternSr. HR Manager, Advisory Services and Training at MaxPeople

Ilana  is the Director, HR Advisory Services & Training at MaxPeople – a consulting firm specializing in HR Services, Training and Employment Law. A true extrovert, Ilana has always loved being around and helping people which is why she was drawn to a career in the Human Resources field. As someone who cares deeply about having an impact on people’s work lives, she is passionate about employee relations, training, development and leading complex workplace investigations. She is very practical and  known to her clients and colleagues for being a problem solver…Read More

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