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Leading Through Change

Leading Through Change

Leading Through Change

Leading Through Change Session Description

It is critical that both Managers and Employees demonstrate qualities such as resiliency and flexibility in today’s challenging and competitive environment. Topics range from understanding the importance of dealing with change proactively, to how to achieve greater confidence communicating difficult information during a change process.

This program will provide participants with important tools to be able to lead with greater vision and become agile in these changing times. Participants learn how to motivate and engage employees to work towards the company’s new direction while strategizing to overcome any challenges encountered in the change process.

Topics Include:

  • Natural phases of transition
  • How to be a “change agent”
  • Strategies to overcome challenges during change
  • Motivating and engaging employees through change

Who Will Benefit:

Business owners, senior financial professionals in organizations (VPs/Directors), managers, and any other finance/accounting professionals who are seeking to improve their ability to lead through change.

Time: 8:30 AM – 12:15 PM EST

Date: December 10, 2020–>

Register: To enroll for Leading Through Change, click here

Facilitator: Julie Ruben Rodney, CEO and Founder of MaxPeople

Julie Ruben Rodney is the CEO and Founder of MaxPeople, a premium HR and Employment Law service to organizations who understand and care about the power of people and currently do not have HR expertise in-house. Julie is an experienced and dynamic facilitator, consultant and keynote speaker in the areas of Interpersonal Communication, Teambuilding, Leadership Development and Creativity.