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FSAC Annual Conference

FSAC Annual Conference

FSAC Annual Conference

MaxPeople is looking forward to participating in the Funeral Service Association of Canada’s (FSAC) Annual Conference, a 2-day virtual experience with 13 speakers and  3 expert panels.

MaxPeople will be part of the panel session on June 1, 2022:

How to Recruit & Retain During COVID: Human Resources – Expert Panel Session

Panelists From MaxPeople: Julie Ruben Rodney, Founder & CEO and  Estrella Frias, Talent Acquisition Leader

Time: 11:15 AM – 12:30 PM EST

Session Overview:

Employee recruitment and retention are major challenges that many employers and HR teams struggle with. Employee retention starts with the recruiting process, beginning with the application, screening the applicants, right down to selecting interviewees and pre-boarding. The benefits of employee retention include increased performance and productivity, better employee morale, improved work quality, a higher level of employee satisfaction, an improved employee journey and an increase in ROI. Conversely, the price of having to replace an employee includes recruitment costs, training, lower productivity, and a lower level of customer satisfaction. In this session, the presenters will explain how to improve employee recruiting practices, and increase the retention of employees.

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