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Finding Talent in the Wake of COVID-19

Finding Talent in the Wake of COVID-19

Finding Talent in the Wake of COVID-19

Finding Talent in the Wake of COVID-19 Session Overview:

Although Canada has yet to be impacted as severely by the ‘Great Resignation’ compared to our US counterparts, recent data shows that it’s likely headed our way in 2022. Instead of fearing this trend, employers should embrace it! Don’t treat it as a threat, rather look at this as an opportunity. This is the time for employers to refine and expand their recruitment efforts to find talent in the wake of COVID-19.

This session will help you rethink your talent strategy and focus on how Candidate Experience, Culture, and your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) are the first steps to winning the war for talent. Join our experts and discover how to increase your competitive advantage in today’s market by leveraging recruitment and engagement best practices for a structured and equitable recruitment process

Date: September 14, 2022

Time: 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM EST


Julie Ruben Rodney, Founder & CEO, MaxPeople

Julie is the Founder and CEO of MaxPeople, a consulting firm specializing in HR Services, Training, Recruitment and Employment Law. A proud Maritimer to the core, Julie truly values people and relationships which led to her start in organizational behaviour early in her career. She has always been a trailblazer and her company inception, and its structure is no exception. . . Read More

Estrella Frias, Talent Acquisition Leader, MaxPeople

As a partner with MaxPeople, Estrella is a Talent Acquisition Leader with more than 20 years of experience building and leading high-performance teams and re-imagining leadership and talent acquisition practices that create work environments that differentiate in the markets they represent. . . Read More

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