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COVID-19 Non-Essential Services

COVID-19 Non-Essential Services

COVID-19 Non-Essential Services – What you need to know

It is important to note that many businesses are still able to remain open and the scope of industries is fairly wide which allows for a majority of companies to continue operating.

A high-level summary of industries deemed as ‘essential workplaces’ are as follows:

Construction: The majority of construction projects in the province will continue, specifically those who are dealing with transportation, health care and industrial/residential areas.

Financial Services: Banking, insurance, TSE, benefits companies will continue to operate.

Food Services & Hotels: Restaurants can remain open for take-out and delivery services. Hotels and Motels can remain open.

Retail Operations: Grocery stores, supermarkets, pet stores, convenience stores, LCBO/Beer store.

Telecommunications & IT Infrastructure/Services: Newspapers, radio and TV as well as IT-related services businesses.

Transportation: Taxis or other services as well as trucking services.

Manufacturing and Production: Businesses ensuring movement of essential goods through the supply chain. Businesses that manufacture or distribute products, materials, equipment and goods.

Health Care & Seniors Care/Social Services: This includes doctors, hospitals, labs, pharmacies as well as distributors and retailers of these products and medical supplies.

Other: Cleaning services, HVAC, property management, plumbers and electricians, certain retail stores carrying hardware, office supplies or sell work clothes and PPE.

To find out if you qualify as an essential workplaces, please click on the following link: https://www.ontario.ca/page/list-essential-workplaces.

If you are still uncertain as to whether you are eligible to meet the criteria provided by the provincial government, please reach out to our team at Rodney Employment Law at 905-695-5995 or our HR Team at MaxPeople at 905-709-1236 and we will provide you with expert advice and support you with any key initiatives that are required.

At MaxPeople and Rodney Employment Law, we want to reinforce our commitment to providing timely and expert advise to existing and potential clients to guarantee a peace of mind during this extremely difficult and ever changing situation.

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