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Webinar: Building Effective Professional Relationships

Webinar: Building Effective Professional Relationships

Webinar: Building Effective Professional Relationships

About Webinar:

A significant amount of your time is spent at work so building meaningful and effective relationships in the workplace is essential. According to Gallup, employees who have a ‘best friend’ or a good friend at work are more engaged in their jobs than those who do not have one. Effective workplace relationships strengthen your organization by increasing morale, employee retention, productivity and teamwork.

Effective relationships have a profound effect on workplace culture, therefore building the right relationships provides a platform for a more positive and engaging place to work. Through this webinar, participants will learn how to build successful workplace relationships and understand the differences between transactional and long-term relationships. Participants will also learn about the behaviours that aid individuals in creating the foundation for effective relationships and maintaining those connections.

What you will learn:

  • The components of a successful workplace relationship
  • Positive behaviours that help establish solid professional realtionships
  • How to build trust and maintain effective workplace relationships
  • Tips, do’s and don’ts of effective relationships
  • How to increase your core strengths, self awareness and job satisfaction through developing effective relationships with your co-worker

Facilitator:  Julie Ruben Rodney, Founder & CEO of MaxPeople

Fee: $59.99 + HST

Complimentary for HRessentials Clients

Complimentary for Rodney Employment Law Clients

Recorded Webinar: To order a copy of the recorded webinar contact MaxPeople at [email protected]