Unlimited Virtual HR Support

Our HR experts are always ready to assist you on any essential day-to-day HR matters in real-time. You can contact us for practical and prompt advice on workplace issues throughout the duration of the employment lifecycle, from recruitment to termination.

What We Provide

  • Unlimited virtual support by telephone and/or email, excluding virtual recruitment
  • Professional advice and guidance on all employee and labour relations issues from simple to complex on a real-time basis
  • Weekly check-ins and coaching to discuss solutions to your ongoing business challenges
  • Complimentary webinars
  • Discounts off of HR projects


  • Improved employee relations, performance, and engagement
  • Increased employee satisfaction and productivity
  • Attraction, retention, and development of your people
  • HR issues dealt with in a timely fashion
  • Reduced turnover costs associated with poor hiring decisions
  • Receive guidance to support all of your HR questions and issues quickly

Our services include Dedicated HR SupportExpert Legal Advice, and a FREE Workplace Risk Assessment. Speak with our HR specialists today to learn how to get started.